Monday, June 10, 2013

Time Out: Sculpture & Jewellery Workshop With Nora Fok

I was very privileged to have opportunity to take up a day workshop Nora Fok working with nylon mono filament and objects from nature to create jewellery and sculpture. Nora is a reknown for her delicate art/jewellery/sculpture, her pieces are exhibited all over including the V&A London. Inspired by different aspects of nature, structure, systems and order, she has a unique ability to translate ideas into delightful delicate and intricate compositions which one immediately associates with her. Nora's workshops are limited so it really was a chance that would probably not arise again any time soon, so it was an exciting day.

This is Nora modelling one of her exquisite neck pieces from the Cloud Nylon Collection.
On the day, I re-purposed this Neal's Yard Remedies Box and filled it with tools, beads and bits in my favourite shades of blues and greys from the class requirements list of things to bring along.

The 10.30 - 4pm day was split into creative work and looking at Nora's own pieces, starting off with jewellery themed from Nora's signature nature inspiration. We were handed a delightful little paper wrapped package that contained this...

A real peach stone dried for two years, a button and some ribbon. And after some handy work the pieces became this....

Then it was onto working with PVC. to create this very summery sherbet-y coloured bracelet from just four strands...

Next was a look at Nora's work from over the past 30 years. Slides and actual pieces were presented and we had the chance to try on a vast amount of Nora's jewellery pieces, again a very privileged position to be in as it is only during private sessions that the jewellery can be handled due to it's delicate nature. There were so many beautiful pieces they can be seen here.

In the afternoon was more delicate work with fine nylon creating a pretty pearl ring and a "light as air" bracelet from a huge length of nylon and small pearls. All work created by just tying and manipulating by hand, no glues or toxic chemicals were used. I apologise for the photographs' soft focus quality, the workshop space was dark with small desk lamps which were very yellow!

There was so much packed into the day to mention everything would make this a very long post. But I did just want to show one of my favourite pieces that Nora created using 3D polymer printing, this stunning coral inspired dress bracelet.

I discovered Nora's work after seeing lots of pieces in an exhibition, details of further exhibitions are on the website

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