Monday, December 23, 2013

Fashion Blog : Christmas Gift To Me! : Chloe Navy Tailored City Shorts From

Two of the Fall 2013 trends I have welcomed with open arms are 1. Navy and 2. Structured, volume-ous designs. I have really yearned for some nice navy tailoring to add to my wardrobe, but with navy blue care must be taken to keep the style of the entire outfit correct to avoid looking like your best friend's mum from the 80s.
Luckily there is plenty of stylish navy to choose from this season. City shorts are a cool change from trousers and not so dressy as a skirt (and you can tackle tall steps easily in shorts!) I spotted these Chloe Navy City Shorts Was £355. Now £106. In navy blue wool suiting type fabric and needed them instantly, I clicked away and they were a Christmas Gift To Me! I got them from

This pair are a classic tailored style with belt loops and subtle front pleats. A design that will not date. The quality and build are outstanding with every seam perfect and the interior looking just as divine as the outside.

Buying good quality tailoring has it's rewards, the fabric does not age quickly with wear and dry cleaning, most importantly the fabric drapes and falls perfectly. The absolute worst feature of badly made trousers with unsuitable fabrics are the pleats at the front not sitting flat but instead bulging like two extra breasts under the waistband. Today with the abundance of outlets selling fashion worldwide it is possible to get good tailoring at discounted prices, these Chloe shorts were 70% off and are very wearable.

City shorts are the ultimate ageless style piece, navy is kinda neutral when it comes to adding hosiery, tan is great and a classic, black tights for a Dior look with navy and any bright hosiery for a stronger vibrant look.

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