Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fashion Blog: Three Thrifty Fashion Finds

Looking at old stuff - I can't resist! Fashion, jewels, interiors, architecture or just curios, I find it all utterly fascinating. When it comes to fashion I like the casual, briefness of popping into in consignment stores (called dress agencies in the UK), Goodwill (called Charity Shops in the UK) and vintage stores spontaneously when I just happen to be in the neighbourhood. I feel I have so much to learn each time I look inside a vintage piece of clothing, each decade showing different construction, different cuts, fabrics, the detail and evidence of delicate hand finishing of garments.

I recently found three thrifty fashion finds on the same day. This is rare for me as even though I like looking at old stuff, I rarely buy anything unless it's something that I really adore. So the thrifty haul in detail...

Vintage 1990s Celine Dress £39.99/$62.23.

This Celine dress is a linen and silk mix, I sent it for a dry clean
(hence the odd cardboard hanger) and collected it looking good as new.

The Celine dress has the shiniest gold buttons with the Celine logo embossed within and a soft tie around belt, I like that this piece is black and white, rather than the obvious navy and white often adopted in these spectator styles.

White embroidered cotton dress (no label) £3.99/$6.20
This dress has very delicate embroidery all over which is what I fell in love with when I spotted it.

Topshop blue and white stripe shirt £2.99/$4.65.
Perfect for any summer casual day, even as a cover up. Crisp worn with white and muted worn with corals and peaches.

These two pieces are 100% cotton so they went into the washer with some Ecover.
They are now waiting for a good pressing before hanging in my closet.


  1. Ooooh Celine Dress. I found this post from BlogLovin. Nice cast iron fireplace, is it in your living room?

    1. The Celine Dress is one of my favourites at the moment, quite a super find. The fireplace is in my studio/office. My studio is a very old house/building, the walls are kind of patched up and there are odd bits of details that have survived the years combined with evidence of modern decor in places. To keep all this history in place I did not renovate at all I just painted the walls white, preserving everything that was there - new, old and patchy!



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