Thursday, July 14, 2011

Luxe High Street Find : Zara Silk Top

If I buy something from the high street it has to follow a firm set of rules:

1. The fabric must be good quality, silk or wool are favoured and other fabrics that hang well and feel good to touch can win me over. Polyester, cotton sateen, nylon and velveteen are definitely out.

2. The item has to be £50 or less, if I am going to invest any more than this I'd rather jump up five levels in price and buy a designer item that will last for years in both quality and style.

3. The item must compliment other clothes that I have and it must be worn regularly, it must not be left in my wardrobe waiting to be worn.

4. The piece must have good seams and some detail that makes it stand out style-wise from what you expect to see on the hight street rails.

Zara is a quality high street store. They have a really good sale on right now and are continually adding more items and reducing items further every few days. Check back to the site regularly.

I have browsed on the website for a few days looking at the sale items, I couldn't resist this 100% silk top newly added to the sale today, it was reduced from £39.99 to £15.99. I really love the detail on this top, the flattering cap sleeves and it is grey (not black). I ordered it online and will pick up in store as soon as I get an email telling me it has arrived, this will give me a chance to have a quick look around the store too. I have a tweed Prada Irise pencil skirt purchased from Flannels Manchester crying our for this soft contrast to compliment it.

I also spotted a pair of leather boots reduced to £19.99. The indulgent Bordeaux colour and luxe leather look remind me of the Gucci Pre Fall & Chloe Pre-Fall collections where the 70's luxe style embraces leathers and wools for Autumn. Also a great dark orange 100% silk scarf reduced to £12.99, such a perfect shade again for an Autumn awash with rusty hughes.

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