Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Luxe High Street Find: H&M Tan Leather Gloves

I'm an addict. I think this post confirms it (and all the previous posts too). Tan leather accessories are my guilty pleasure, when I spot a piece in a shop I have to go over and touch the leather and then I have to try on!

Today I spotted these tan leather gloves new in at H&M. They are £14.99, lined in wool and the length is great, they are slightly longer in the cuff and so look a little more luxe and chic with a wool coat or fitted dress.

They are available in black too. I love the tan! No surprises there then.

These are a must have item for me and will fill the emotional void left when I forgot my loved and cherished Diane Von Furstenberg plum leather gloves circa. Fall 2008 on a train early this year when the weather was freezing cold.

H&M Leather Goves in Tan or black. £14.99.

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