Friday, July 8, 2011

High Street Luxe Find: H&M Leather Cross Body Bag and Belt.

I have a deep love of tan leather accessories, nothing more so than a tan leather cross body bag. Always stylish for any casual look from jeans to summer dresses and essential for hands free shopping.

I recently jotted a note about this tan leather belt from H&M reduced in the sale from £7.99 to £3.99. Yesterday I spotted another H&M bargain, a tan leather cross body bag reduced to £19.99, this H&M bag bears a  style resemblance to the Chloe Marcie Bag, whilst I don't think the style of the Chloe bag makes it an investment piece worth spending on, you can certainly get the look with a leather bag from the H&M alternative. Wear together with a shirt dress or jeans and add summer wedges for effortless casual chic with seventies style.

Object of Desire
The Chloe Marcie Bag £695. (Shown above)
The Chloe Mini Marcie Bag £340

Quality Cash Saving Alternative
The H&M Leather Cross Body Bag £19.99. (shown top)

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