Friday, June 21, 2013

Time Out: The Best Loyalty Cards: Waitrose (UK)

I am singing the praises of Waitrose (UK Supermarket) again. I can't help it, they do everything right... quality, ethics, benefits for customers, the list goes on. I just like it there!

The myWaitrose loyalty card is pretty good too. Apart from the usual accumulating of points each time you shop either online or instore you also get a range of other lovely things.

1. Free Tea or Coffee every day if your local Waitrose serves hot drinks. Choose from freshly made Americano, Capuccino, Latte, Espresso, Mocha or Tea with Decaf available on request. Particularly nice relief as it is often blustery and raining in the UK.

2. Free Waitrose Kitchen Magazine worth £1.20 each month, it's ideal left on the table for a browse with a coffee. Lots of delicious recipes, healthy options and seductive food photography. Even available when you shop online, they think of everything!

3. Newspaper Moneyback. When you spend £5 on shopping you can get the cost of selected newspapers of your shopping. I like the Telegraph, thats £1.20 off the shopping and a good read too!

4. Waitrose do not inundate you with junk mail, I am pretty sure I only hear from them via the post every three months. Brilliant.

5. This quarter they sent me three £4 off vouchers when spending £40 of more in store. And a voucher for 5p off per litre when filling up at Shell. A while ago Waitrose were contacted by Greenpeace asking them not to work with Shell whilst Shell were drilling in the arctic, I did not receive any fuel vouchers from Waitrose until it was announced that Shell had stopped their attempts to drill. Which makes me smile.

6. There are other 10% off benefits too, such as 10% off their Waitrose Cookery School Courses and 10% off selected everyday items instore when you swipe your card at the till.

7. If you sign up for emails, they arrive looking good and full of only nice things, their especially good in the summer and at Christmas. No terrible bulk buy junk food offers - gosh I sound mean!

And aside from the loyalty card benefits...

8. When I have shopped online with on two occasions they have given me items free of charge as the use by dates were short. On the last shop it was organic mushrooms and brocolli. Previously it's been chicken. I will add that the shopping arrives intact and as ordered, hardly any substitutions.

9. I also noticed that the Waitrose staff are able to speak clearly, properly and pleasantly. Take note other retailers in the UK who allow their staff to grunt at customers.

10. Their own brand meat and poultry products are from their higher welfare select farms.

11. All Waitrose products are very high quality and the choice for chemical free products and organic produce is excellent.

10. Last but not least, every time you shop whether online or instore you have the chance to vote for which Charity you would like the monthly donation to go to. In-store, each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 (£500 in Convenience shops) between three local good causes that you choose.
Online, every three months, shares a donation of £25,000 between three national causes.

Sign up for myWaitrose here.

And if all that wasn't enough.. They are offering a free 400g Toblerone to myWaitrose customers while stocks last!

Completely off topic... Looking at old stuff again! There are lots of historical images at

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