Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time Out: Garland's Organic Supermarket in Pangbourne Berkshire

I love this shop, unlike many other non-USA organic shops I've visited this really is a proper supermarket, just from the point of view that you can literally go in and do all your shopping. Everything looks fresh and the store is clean and modern looking. If you can't get to Garland's Organic Supermarket in Pangbourne, Berkshire, they deliver locally and nationally.

My favourite product at Garland's is Ortiz Yellow Fin Tuna from Spain. Packed in super colourful tins, 112g is £2.55 and 250g is £5.25. This tuna is very rich and tasty so a little goes a long way (and it's very filling). It's a favourite of Rick Stein and for sale in his shop.

It's advertised as "Perhaps the finest tinned tuna you'll ever try" and it is! For me this is the top layer of a salad Nicoise with French beans, anchovies, green salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, eggs and olives.

Conservas Ortiz is a family-run business which was established over 100 years ago and their fish is of the finest provenance, processed under extremely exacting criteria, much of the process still being done by hand. The tuna are caught sustainably by rod and line off Spain's Cantabrian coast.

Garlands Organic
6 Reading Road, Pangbourne, Berkshire, RG8 7LY
Tel: 0118 984 4770

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