Monday, August 15, 2011

High Street Luxe Interiors Find: Purple Slub Silk Pleated Cushion £5

I enforce the same rules for buying high street home interiors pieces that I do for fashion. The essential reasons for buying are 1. Natural Quality Materials/Fabric: Solid Wood, Good veneers, Silk, Wool or Cotton, 2. Good Quality Construction, 3. Detail and 4. Buying at the right price.

With this in mind I was tickled to find a good quality slub silk cushion in Matalan at £5. Available in four colours, I think only the purple shade and the gold shade look of good quality, the others (red and light green) look a bit wishy-washy. Deep pigments always look better quality.

The UK isn't awash with Matalan stores, I think Matalan realise this and offer shipping at £2 and free shipping for orders over £40.

A similar detailed polyester cushion in Laura Ashley would cost around £30.

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