Sunday, December 1, 2013

Time Out : Christmas Decor : An Elegant & Homely Christmas Mantle

The weekend after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start decorating for the holidays and a comforting tradition. I made a start with the mantle, creating a traditional feel with a centrepiece that will be focal right up to Christmas Day. I will add more Christmas decorations to this up until Christmas Day.

This colourful advent calendar demands attention, so I kept the rest of the mantle decor low-key, I will add some greenery to the Grecian pots over the coming weeks. The bushy green garland brings warmth to all the hard edges, classic silver candle sticks are the perfect subtle lighting (re-purposed from my dining table).
Essential dinner candles £3.45 for 10 at Waitrose.

I wanted the daily opening of each advent window to reveal not only delicious chocolates but also something a little more fun than plain sweets. Little Lindt chocolate Santas, reindeer, snowmen, bears and truffle balls look perfect and offer a different delight each day.
Lindt truffles (box) £7.50 at Waitrose.
Lindt chocolate figures 2 packs for £4 at Waitrose.

These Nordic knitted stockings add a modern feel to a heritage look. A simple handwritten tag for each adds a personalised look. The stocking hooks are genius, they are weighted under the star so there is no need to drill holes, just rest the them on the mantle shelf and hang a stocking from the hook.

The other accessories: mirror, candle sticks and pots are handed down over the years and very welcome. I have slowly added beautiful decorations and accents each year from gifts, carefully selected buys and hand me downs, this has built a sentimental and special collection to unpack each year.

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