Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally Back! And Celebrating with Fabulous Shopping!

Finally back! After two months away from my computer my eyes have finally been given the all clear from the opthalmic surgeon. I am delighted to back to the luxury of blogging and getting in touch with my readers. Thank you all again for your messages of cheer.

After a weekend and a week of reading, using the computer and a general eye use extravaganza I felt ready to embark on some genuinely fabulous shopping. I like buying in February with the the forceful Christmas and New Year advertising behind me I feel refreshed and ready to shop at leisure. I never buy anything in December and January. February brings a glimpse of pre-spring collections in store and in my in box, the comfort of autumn pieces (some at great prices) and the knowledge of what is comming for summer.

I have ordered a few pieces that I have been stalking online for a while from, and I will detail over the next three days in separate posts.


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