Monday, March 25, 2013

Fashion Blog: Clearance. What I Purchased Update

I blogged a few days ago about clearance sale and the items I purchased. A couple of days later the parcel arrived in the usual timely manner, everything beautifully packaged.

The more high end / tailored items from are shipped in a handy "clothes cover/carry bag" which is really useful.

I couldn't wait to try on everything, blissfully unwrapping swathes of white tissue to reveal some very gorgeous items. I struck gold with the Chloe Snake Print Jacket, it was the perfect fit and looked stunning on suddenly transforming the plain black trousers I was wearing that day into something more of that from the pages of a fashion magazine! I am always in awe of the quality of the fabrics and the construction, there wasn't a single stitch in sight on the outside or the lining, true tailoring craftsmanship at it's best. A perfect, quality piece that is very wearable, love it.

The other two items ordered were beautiful but the proportions were not quite right for me. The super bargain Vanessa Bruno jacket was too narrow in the shoulders for me, I am petite, but I work out regularly with a personal trainer which has resulted in sculpted shoulders rather than those of a waif! It was very well made though. The Thakoon Dress was way too big, almost sack like and the scoop neckline was just too vast, the fabrics were very good quality though. So both these items have been returned.

The clearance pop up sale has now ended in both the UK and the USA. I did notice had curated a collection of super chic Monochromes which are pretty irresistible! USA here and UK here.

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