Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time Out: Happy New Year

Aspen Mountain, Colorado.
Aspen Mountain, Colorado.
Aspen Mountain, Colorado.
I adore Aspen Mountain in Colorado, it's just so beautiful. It feels like you are in a very vast space, with lots of "air and sky" around you. It's difficult to experience this feeling in a town or in the countryside. It's a real therapy! The fresh air and endless skies clear your mind and revive your senses.

It looks so much like a Christmas-sy, Winter wonderland with Christmas trees brushed with snow all around. Enhanced by the way it has stayed quite cold and "blue" looking as there hasn't been hardly any sunlight. I quite like it like this!

1 comment:

  1. So picturesque........ if you had written "Wish you were here" I'd be ready to cross you off the Christmas Card list, it has been rain, rain, rain, grey, grey, grey in London.



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