Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fashion Blog: Lost in Liberty's Sea Of Scarves

Liberty in London is a dangerous place to visit, the charismatic dark wooden doors lead into your very own Narnia. It's impossible to pop in for a quick present purchase. I found myself blissfully lost in swathes of stunning fabrics in the haberdashery department and immersed in the stacks of perfectly covered Liberty print journals for at least half an hour. Then there were the scarves, now I was feeling very indulgent. I am drawn to scarves in the pre spring month of March, not quite warm enough to wear summer clothing and not cold enough to wrap up in a chunky cashmere scarf. It's the perfect pre season time to buy a great silk scarf in a bright pattern. The Liberty Spring Magazine must has shared my thoughts, featuring a few pages of beautiful bright styled scarves.


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